Gowanda REM-tronics currently manufactures a wide variety of solutions for customers in Aerospace, Medical, Defense and Industrial applications.

Manufacturing services include electro-magnetic coils, transfer molding, vacuum encapsulation, printed circuit board assembly, cable and wire harness assembly (including fiber optic cables), and electro-mechanical devices

Precision Winding

We produce high volume coils, solenoids, and toroids for Space, Medical, Military and Industrial applications

Complex Cable & Wire Harness Assembly

Our Assemblies are used on mission critical aircraft, missiles, rockets, space vehicles, and medical device applications. We manufacture cable/wire harness assemblies using various:

  • Wire Types (copper or fiber optic)
  • Wire Lengths
  • In-House Made Electronic Components
  • Potting Compounds
  • Terminations and Connector Types

Potting and Encapsulation, Conformal Coating

We provide potting, encapsulation and conformal coating services. Our operators are certified to NASA-STD-8739.1 which defines proper workmanship standard for polymeric application on electronic assemblies.

Our potting process includes all of the necessary steps for Space level potting such as a Vacuum Chamber and controlled temperature bake out. Conformal coating is performed with Polyurethane, Silicon or Acrylic whichever is specified on our customers drawing.

High Quality. High Reliability.

As we establish a business relationship, we provide you with that competitive advantage necessary to achieve your business success. It’s the old proven adage that combined resources produce winning results.

Gowanda REM-tronics supports your product development, prototype assemblies and production requirements with a highly skilled staff to insure all your needs are met.

Careful value analysis is given to all details for high reliability, quality and dependable products that will give the greatest possible length of service at the lowest cost.