Combining superior technological solutions with unprecedented cost-effectiveness

Gowanda REM-tronics offers in-house design expertise based on patented technologies, combined with flexible production processes and global manufacturing capabilities – resulting in superior technological solutions, an ultra-fast design-to-production cycle and unprecedented cost-effectiveness. Our clients loyalty for decades fortifies our skill set and recognized achievement that distinguishes our products and manufacturing excellence from our competitors.

We want to extend the results of our achievements from over sixty years developing, to our customers. Our blend of unique operational philosophies gives our customers the best services in the shortest possible time without affecting the quality of our products.

REM-tronics is successful with Micro Coil technology

Expanding on our heritage of manufacturing high reliability coil products for the aerospace, space and military markets, Rem-tronics expands their expertise with the introduction of Micro-Coil Technology.

Our latest development is the introduction of miniature coils (48AWG to 59 AWG) in a number of configurations including a solid wire core. This technology enables Rem-tronics to serve the nanotechnology market with the same high-reliability processes that are applied to existing product lines. Our Director of Development states “our successes continue to evolve based on the six sigma processes and the elimination of variation in a manufacturing cell.”

Micro-Coil Technology answers a call from aerospace and medical markets for smaller yet high reliable products.


Gowanda REM-tronics has successfully completed a ISO9001:2015 surveillance audit.