Gowanda REM-tronics has a skill set and recognized achievement that distinguishes our products and manufacturing excellence from our competitors.

What defines QUALITY?

With continual improvement in our systems, we are developing a learning organization that adopts a culture of continuous improvement, efficiency, and lower cost

At Gowanda REM-tronics, quality is defined as:
Stability and Consistency
Exceeding Customer Expectations

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Delivering Results, Reliability, & Rock Solid Dependability

We align our manufacturing processes to consistently earn and exceed our customer’s expectations. Rem-tronics is constantly upgrading our facility and expanding our specializations to remain current in today’s market. Rem-tronics customers require the manufacturing services we offer to be specialized in high reliability components. Our manufacturing experience includes precision coils, electromagnetic, electronic products and systems for medical, biotechnological, aerospace and aircraft equipment. Our business model allows us to constantly define, measure, analyze, improve and control all of our business process systems. This process is proven to insure high quality in all products delivered to our highly valued and progressive customer base.


Gowanda REM-tronics was incorporated in 1950 by the owners of Forbes & Wagner, a manufacturer of industrial transformers and electrical devices. A few years later, we gained the opportunity to help advance electromagnetic coils for the newly developing electrohydraulic/servo valve.

Since then, Gowanda REM-tronics has continued to grow as a leading manufacturer of high-quality electromagnetic coils, cables, harnesses, fiber optic assemblies, and plastic molded components. The opportunity to develop our business in the aerospace industry gives us the unmatched capabilities to expand into other industries.

Because of this, our products are used in a wide variety of aerospace, medical, defense, and industrial applications.

Over the years, Gowanda REM-tronics has had the privilege to build components for some very interesting projects. They include:

  • Apache Helicopter
  • GE Aircraft Engines
  • Blackhawk Helicopter
  • Maverick Missile
  • Mariner Space Project
  • Patriot Missile
  • Boeing 727 through 787
  • NASA Space Shuttle
  • Sparrow Missile
  • F35 Joint Strike Fighter,
  • General Dynamics Satellite Program
  • Minuteman III
  • PeaceKeeper Missile
  • GBU-15 Guided Bomb
  • B1 and B2 Bombers
  • TOW Missile
  • F22 Stealth Fighter
  • Saturn Booster
  • V-22 Osprey
  • Airbus A350
  • Ares I

Gowanda REM-tronics is committed to meeting and exceeding our customer requirements by delivering quality products and services on time. We will continually improve our processes to achieve uncompromised quality and integrity.